Crowdsourcing: Where’s the best place to get pancakes in Liverpool?

Sometimes, food bloggers get it wrong. Really wrong. This post was supposed to be a recipe for sourdough pancakes. I spent Saturday night harvesting some of my sourdough starter and turning it into the perfect sponge and Sunday morning mixing it together with an egg, some sugar and some milk to create – what I anticipated – would be a visual and sensory battery delight. But, alas, whilst my pancakes tasted amazing they looked bloody awful – like flat, burnt pieces of bubbly crap. Not even a judicious smothering in bacon and pancake syrup could hide the fact that they looked thoroughly unappetising. I had no time to make another batch that day, and by the time I got home last night, all I wanted to do was eat a massive bowl of pasta and laugh like an idiot at old episodes of Seinfeld.

This left me in a bit of quandary. After all, it’s pancake day, and I feel that I would be remiss in my duties as someone who enjoys going on about the food products she shovels into her mouth on a daily basis if I didn’t write something about pancakes.  So, like numerous other lazy journalists before me, I turned to social media.

Liverpool’s eateries are no slouch when it comes to pancakes. If, like me, you follow many of them on Twitter, you’ll probably see them spending most of today tweeting about their various pancake-day-related deals (although I’m yet to see any of them offering to allow me to eat my own bodyweight in the things for a quid). However, not all pancakes are created equal. So, if you’re looking to satiate your lust for a short stack today, where’s the best place to go?

Well, if Scouse twitterers are to be believed, it’s Moose Coffee on Dale Street (which is only a hop skip and a jump away from Moorfields and James Street train stations), which came recommended by pretty much everyone.  I’ve been to Moose Coffee a few times now and I’m inclined to agree. Of course, I could be biased because they believe in serving what (in my opinion) are ‘proper’ pancakes –  huge, American-style fluffy things which come slathered with a  choice of chocolate spread, ice cream, blueberries or bacon, as well as maple syrup and butter. As you’d expect from somewhere which has ‘coffee’ in their name, Moose Coffee serves up a pretty decent caffeinated beverage too. And if pancakes aren’t your thing, they also do a selection of American brunch greats, including sausage and grits, waffles, and arguably the finest Reuben sandwich in town (maybe because they’re the only place in Liverpool that I know of which serves Reuben sandwiches).

Of course, this is only one opinion of one place that serves pancakes. So Scousers – if you’re indulging today, where’s your favourite place for some Shrove Tuesday delights? Does Leaf float your boat? Or maybe you prefer the shady ambience of Bold Street’s Café Tabac?  Or perhaps you know of  some secret little hideaway that cooks up God’s own battery treats? Wherever it is, let me know in the comments!

Pancakes image used courtesy of avlxyz under Creative Commons license

4 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing: Where’s the best place to get pancakes in Liverpool?

  1. kerrycooks says:

    Sounds great! I wish there were more places like that where I live!

  2. Sid Miller says:

    Reblogged this on Food Fascination and commented:
    MissCay says it all about pancakes in Liverpool.

  3. Nikki says:

    I LOVE this place! you’re right the sandwiches are amazing; I recommend the Sugar Ray and they do a decent burger and all. I blogged about their breakfasts here too

    Nikki, Wigan

    • misscay says:

      Part of me is glad that I don’t work too near Moose Coffee. Otherwise I’d inevitably go in everyday and end up the size of a moose!

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